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Finding solutions to business problems and developing solutions to use cases is our forte. We aspire to be a single point of contacts for as many solutions as possible. But in case we do not have the skills called for, we will connect you with friends on our network, who do.


Instead of listing services or creating an elaborate website, we are focussing on working on client projects and delivering solutions. So if you have the need for a technical solution, please feel free to reach out. We could have a brief conversation to understand the background and explore possibilities. There is always some possibility of synergy. Let's rock!


Adept at understanding business issues and arriving at solutions, management of system design, development and implementation, user experience, training, and maintenance of systems. Simultaneously managed unique feature enhancements of 5 distinct systems serving 5 different business verticals, while supporting live users on running businesses. Believe more in collaboration and progressing together than in control and coercion.

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